sometimes i recognize the fact that if my best friend and i were fictional characters people would ship us

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Anonymous said: “Was Olicity ever a plan from the beginning of Arrow or was it a response to the fans’ approval as Arrow progressed? It was a reaction to the chemistry between Stephen and Emily.” - Marc Guggenheim....Damn Plec take lessons!


It is common sense and logic. Every writer in the world craves to stumble upon a story that has great potential accompanied by actors that have tremendous chemistry. It is like discovering a goldmine!

So on one hand you have every writer that can only dream of getting such chemistry between two actors (and with a huge fanbase following) and on the other one you have….

Julie Plec lmao

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"if u say “i love you” too often it loses its meaning"

boring people who probably read john green and listen to the beatles  (via lyrexz)

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#I listen to the Beatles bc they're the greatest band ever but this is so true lol 


sometimes I think about how Regina goes into the woods to think and Emma goes by the water to think like that’s where their soul mates are

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We all know what netflix is code for…

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you know what would be great?

if in season 5, lydia and parish’s relationship turned out to be platonic, not romantic. if lydia wasn’t aged just so she could be with parrish in the next season. if lydia could have one, just one developed, male relationship that didn’t end in her getting with…

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otp: love is for children

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"Hook provides Emma wHook provides Emma with some much-needed encouragement"

CS in 4x01 (x)

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seven days is too damn long after all this information holy christ i don’t know how i’m gonna make it

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